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FREE Shaved Ice Business Manual

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    Shaved Ice Business Manual
    Shaved Ice Business Manual

    How to Make Money with Shaved Ice & Snow Cones
    How to Make Money with Shaved Ice & Snow Cones

    Shaved Ice Business Manual
    Shaved Ice, Snowcones, Shavers, Snow Cones, or Shave Ice?
    Operating Your Shaved Ice or Snow Cone Business
    CHECKLIST #1 -- Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Building Basics Items
    Type of Shaved Ice or Snow Cone Buildings/Locations
    Daily Checklists
    Types of Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machines
    Ice Information and Tips
    Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Flavors and Recipes
    Shaved Ice Equipment
    Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Products, Serving and Mixing Supplies
    Complete Shaved Ice Business Packages
    Business Revenue and Expenses

    We started in 1995 with one shaved ice business and one employee. Today, years later, we are a leading shaved ice equipment and supply distributor, proudly serving hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide! In addition, our products have been featured in The Wall Street Journal and TV Guide. You may have seen us headlined on Good Morning America, The Oxygen Network and CNN. Our proudest achievement was the distinguished award of “Best Overall” by The Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal stated that “[our products] seem to rise above the rest.” This award paid tribute to our excellent shaved ice and snow cone products, superior customer service and unmatched syrup flavors.

    Because of our hands-on experience in the shaved ice and snow cone industry, we are able to offer you the most affordable and unrivaled shaved ice machines, snow cone machines, flavor concentrates, syrups, carts, trailers and accessories available. We have spent years refining our products in order to meet our customers’ highest expectations.

    Our shaved ice and snow cone machines are made to the highest standards in order to produce mountains of fine, fluffy and powdery snow. We have the largest selection of shaved ice and snow cone machines available on the market. We offer many different models of shaved ice machines including block ice shavers and cube ice shavers. We also offer several snow cone machines to choose from, including electric and battery powered options.

    We have searched the world over to find the truest and most mouth-watering ingredients for our syrups. In fact, we have over 95 of the best flavors in the shaved ice and snow cone business. We traveled into the kitchens of some of the top flavor distributors and handpicked each flavor concentrate. This means we can sell you premium shaved ice or snow cone concentrates and syrups that we know will create repeat customers for you.

    Not only do we have the largest selection of machines and flavors, we also stock a full line of shaved ice supplies such as serving bottles, mixing containers, speed racks, bottle washers and more. Also, don’t forget to check out our serving supplies such as styrofoam cups, flower cups (witches hats), spoon straws and snow cone cups. Our selection is great and our prices are even better!

    At and, we stand behind everything that we sell and guarantee you will be fully satisfied with all of our products. Please review our return policy in the event you have any questions.

    We have taken our years of experience and compiled this complete “How To” manual to help you open and operate your own shaved ice or snow cone business. This manual, Cold Cash, is written mostly from a shaved ice and snow ball business point of view. Snow cone business owners will also be able to gain useful knowledge from this manual too.

    Remember that we are here to help you along your journey. Most of the answers to your questions will be found in this manual. However, after reading this guide, if you have additional questions, email us at or call us at 1-800-Shaved-Ice (1-800-742-8334). We are always here to help!

    Disclaimer - Feel free to use this information as a starting point to help guide you in opening and operating a successful shaved ice, snow ball or snow cone business. Please note that we do not guarantee or warrant that this information will apply directly to a business venture in your area. Income and expense information are given as examples only. and its parent company, Mary Mack’s, Inc. does not guarantee the performance of any shaved ice or snow cone business. In addition, the information presented in this manual was accurate, to the best of our knowledge, at the time it was written. However, occasionally the information and specifications of the machines, supplies, trailers, etc. may change. Always check for current information or specifications before making any purchase. This information should be used for general purposes only. We are not, nor do we claim to be Certified Public Accountants, lawyers/attorneys, licensed insurance agents, building inspectors, Department of Health officials or any other federal, state or local government agency. Business regulations and requirements vary greatly throughout the United States. Please check with your local health department/food inspection officials, zoning officials, building inspectors, city, county, and state officials in your area prior to purchasing any equipment or supplies for your business. If you have additional questions please call us at 1-800-Shaved-Ice, (1-800-742-8334), or (910-247-4152). You may also email us at or send correspondence to, PO Box 10, Newton Grove, NC 28366. This information is copyrighted and cannot be redistributed or sold without permission.