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Serving Tools

    6 Flavor Station with LED Lights
    Reg Price:$2,185.00
    Season Sale:$1,985.00
    Create-a-Cone® Syrup Dispenser
    Reg Price:$2,999.99
    Season Sale:$2,499.99
    Syrup Pump for Gallon Jugs
    Reg Price:$3.99
    Season Sale:$2.99
    Syrup Pump for Quart Bottles
    Reg Price:$3.99
    Season Sale:$2.99
    Set of 2 Dome Ice Shapers - Colors Vary
    Reg Price:$12.99
    Season Sale:$9.99
    Nylon Snow Cone Dipper
    Reg Price:$15.99
    Season Sale:$13.99
    Accessory Kit for Snow Cone Machine
    Reg Price:$80.00
    Season Sale:$69.99
    Aluminum Snow Cone Holder
    Reg Price:$39.00
    Season Sale:$32.95
    Tomlinson Spout
    Reg Price:$20.99
    Season Sale:$19.24
      In order to be able to scoop out shaved ice, douse it in that tasty flavor syrup and send it away to another happy customer, your snow cone stand needs to have the proper shaved ice and snow cone serving accessories. These high quality products are made specifically for the assembly of snow cones and shaved ice, so you can be sure that each item will make your business run as smoothly and productively as possible. 1-800-Shaved-Ice carries an impressive selection of serving supplies that will keep your customers happy, from their initial order right down to the last drop of delicious shaved ice.

      A dome shaper is a great way to show your customers how dedicated you are to the final product. 1-800-Shaved-Ice also carries a variety of different tools for all of your flavor syrups, plus the necessary snow cone holders to keep them in top condition. 1-800-Shaved-Ice even offers syrup dispensers and pumps to keep you working in the most efficient manner.