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Cups, Straws & Napkins

    Shaved Ice Styrofoam Cups - Case
    Reg Price:$65.00
    Season Sale:$59.95
    6-Ounce Snow Cone Cups - Sleeve of 200
    Reg Price:$15.00
    Season Sale:$9.95
    Snow Cone Cups - Case of 5,000
    Reg Price:$254.00
    Season Sale:$194.99
    16 oz. Color Changing Bowls - Pack of 70
    Reg Price:$75.99
    Season Sale:$64.99
    Case of Shaved Ice Flower Cups
    Reg Price:$120.00
    Season Sale:$99.95
    Glow-In-The-Dark Shaved Ice Cups
    Reg Price:$74.99
    Season Sale:$62.50
    Take-out trays
    Reg Price:$64.95
    Season Sale:$54.99
    Color Changing Spoons - Case of 1000
    Reg Price:$94.99
    Season Sale:$90.99
    Color Changing Spoon-Straws - Pack of 300
    Reg Price:$25.99
    Season Sale:$21.49
    Long Soda Type Spoons 8"
    Reg Price:$45.00
    Season Sale:$36.99
    Dispenser Napkins - 250 per Pack
    Reg Price:$2.00
    Season Sale:$1.74
    Dispenser Napkins, Case of 10,000
    Reg Price:$49.00
    Season Sale:$44.99
    Napkin Dispenser
    Reg Price:$20.00
    Season Sale:$17.74
    Squat Cup 4 ounce
    Reg Price:$34.00
    Season Sale:$32.74
    8-Ounce Foam Squat Cups
    Reg Price:$54.15
    Season Sale:$52.99
    Squat Cups - 12 Ounces
    Reg Price:$35.00
    Season Sale:$33.74
    16-Ounce Foam Squat Cups
    Reg Price:$38.50
    Season Sale:$36.99
    Foam Cups 12 ounce
    Reg Price:$50.00
    Season Sale:$49.95
    Foam Cups 16 ounce
    Reg Price:$69.95
    Season Sale:$59.95
    Foam Cups 20 ounce
    Reg Price:$47.00
    Season Sale:$39.95
      Though your main concern is the quality of your snow cones and shaved ice, every good business owner knows that the quality of your paper items is equally important. No one wants a melting snow cone that drips through its paper cup, which is why you need to purchase sturdy, high quality cups, trays and spoonstraws to keep your customers happy. 1-800-Shaved-Ice carries a wide selection of these durable items, and they’re all available for low, wholesale prices that will keep you right on budget.

      Our shaved ice cups and snow cone cups come in both plain white varieties and bright, colorful options, depending on the style of your business. These items also come in sizes ranging from 200 cups all the way up to 5,000 cups to suit your specific customer base. Once you have the cups sorted out, browse 1-800-Shaved-Ice’s selection of take-out trays, napkins and spoon straws to help your customers eat their delicious shaved ice with ease. We even carry fun flower cups and witches hats to add a little something extra to every purchase.