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Combining Ice Cream with Shaved Ice
Combining Ice Cream with Shaved Ice

You've heard of ice cream. You've heard of shaved ice. Have you ever heard of ice cream AND shaved ice...mixed together? Me neither. That is, until I was introduced to it when I began working here. It. Is. Amazing. It's also another product you can offer.

Hand dipped or soft serve ice cream can be used to add that special touch to any cup of shaved ice. At many shaved ice businesses, ice cream is added to the bottom of a cup. Then, ice is shaved and flavor is added to the cup as usual. As the customer eats the ice off the top, the ice cream will begin to melt and take on the same flavor as the shaved ice. Our customers have sold hundreds of these concoctions at their shaved ice businesses. Some add the ice cream to the top of the shaved ice cup instead of the bottom.

Use your imagination and create your own special recipe. Think of a unique name and your customers will come back for more. We suggest increasing the price by a dollar or a dollar-fifty.

If you offer this to your customers, let us know what they think by posting on our Facebook page.

New Orleans Block Ice Shaver
Reg Price: $2,100.00
Season Sale: $1,874.00
Banana Shaved Ice Syrup
Reg Price: $8.95
Season Sale: $7.95
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