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Snow Cone and Shaved Ice Vending Carts, Trailers & Tents

    6' x 10'
    Reg Price:$15,495.00
    Season Sale:$14,495.00
    6'  x 12'
    Reg Price:$16,995.00
    Season Sale:$15,995.00
    6' x 14'
    Reg Price:$19,495.00
    Season Sale:$18,495.00
    Shaved Ice Vending Cart
    Reg Price:$4,200.00
    Season Sale:$3,900.00
    Shaved Ice Mobile Cart with Umbrella
    Reg Price:$4,270.00
    Season Sale:$3,949.00
    57-Inch Shaved Ice & Snow Cone Wagon  - 2129HF
    Reg Price:$1,325.00
    Season Sale:$1,111.97
    36-Inch Shaved Ice & Snow Cone Wagon - 2936HF
    Reg Price:$950.00
    Season Sale:$862.34
    Snow Cone & Shaved Ice Cart
    Reg Price:$2,480.00
    Season Sale:$2,150.00
    Snow Cone Cart - 2015SK
    Reg Price:$729.00
    Season Sale:$679.89
    Insulated Sno-Kone Chest
    Reg Price:$725.00
    Season Sale:$630.88
    Medium Spoke-Wheel Snow Cone Cart
    Reg Price:$497.00
    Season Sale:$419.00
    Small Spoke-Wheel Snow Cone Cart
    Reg Price:$403.00
    Season Sale:$339.00
    Shaved Ice Vending Tent
    Reg Price:$1,200.00
    Season Sale:$999.99

      1-800-Shaved-Ice.com offers the best shaved ice trailers in the industry. Made specifically for mobile shaved ice businesses, the concession trailers are perfect to add to any existing business or to begin a new business.

      If you prefer a smaller option, consider a fun shaved ice and snow cone vending cart. 1-800-Shaved-Ice.com has a variety of carts, small and large. The most popular shaved ice cart with a water system is brightly designed and easily attracts customers to keep business flowing.

      Many festival vendors prefer a shaved ice pop-up tent. Easily transport the tent in most vehicles and don't worry about pulling trailers.

      1-800-Shaved-Ice has everything you need to start a mobile shaved ice business. Visit our Shaved Ice University for more information regarding mobile options and figure out which option is best for you and your business.