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Home  /  Recipes and Toppings  /  Simple Syrup Recipe (Sugar Water)

Simple Syrup Recipe (Sugar Water)

Simple Syrup (sugar water)

Simple syrup, also known as sugar water, is the base for all flavors in any snow cone or shaved ice business.  Simple syrup and flavor concentrates are combined to create each bottle of ready-to-use syrup.

To make one gallon of simple syrup, simply dissolve five pounds of sugar into 2 quarts of warm or hot water. Please note that you do not have to use boiling water.  Stir or shake container until all sugar is dissolved. To preserve a gallon of simple syrup, add 1 ounce of Sodium Benzoate and ounce of Citric Acid.  Let syrup cool to room temperature before mixing with flavor concentrates.

Mixing large quantities of simple syrup can be easily performed with the use of a mixing paddle and a mixing container.  These containers come in 10, 20 or 32 gallon mixing containers that contain a bottling spigot and lid. 

To mix large quantities simply add the desired amount of warm or hot water to the mixing container. Please note that boiling water is not necessary however the hotter the water, the easier it will be to dissolve the sugar. Next, slowly add the correct amount of sugar while stirring with the mixing paddle. Stir thoroughly to ensure that all sugar is dissolved. Below is a chart that provides the correct recipes for batches of simple syrup.


Simple Syrup Recipe Chart

Amt of Syrup

Water Needed (warm or hot)

Lbs of Sugar

Sodium Benzoate

Citric Acid

1 gallon

2 quarts, 16 oz


1 oz

.25 oz

5 gallons

3 gallons, 16 oz


5 oz

1.25 oz

10 gallons

6 gallons, 32 oz


10 oz

2.5 oz

15 gallons

9 gallons, 48 oz


15 oz

3.75 oz

20 gallons

12 gallons, 64 oz


20 oz

5 oz

25 gallons

15 gallons, 80 oz


25 oz

6.25 oz

30 gallons

18 gallons, 96 oz


30 oz

7.5 oz


Preservatives, such as sodium benzoate and citric acid should be added to the simple syrup batch in order to increase the shelf life. Unpreserved simple syrup will have a shelf life of only 7 to 14 days. Adding the correct amounts of sodium benzoate and citric acid to your syrup can extend the shelf life for around six months.

To add preservatives, first add one ounce of Sodium Benzoate for every gallon of simple syrup in the mixing container. Next, stir thoroughly. Now, add ounce of Citric Acid for every gallon in the container. Finally stir well. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT EACH PRESERVATIVE IS ADDED SEPARATELY. BE SURE TO MIX THE SYRUP THOROUGHLY BETWEEN ADDING INGREDIENTS. Adding both ingredients at the same time will cause the preservative to solidify!


Recipe for making Ready-to-Use syrups from concentrates.

To make ready-to-use syrups with any of our liquid concentrates follow these instructions:

  1. Shake all flavor concentrates well before using, this is extremely important.
  2. Add 1 ounce of flavor concentrate to an empty quart bottle.
  3. If making a gallon of flavor, add 4 ounces of concentrate to an empty gallon jug.
  4. Fill the quart bottle or gallon jug with simple syrup (see recipe from previous pages). Cap and gently shake.

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