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Ice Flavors for $4.45 - Gallon

Ice Flavors for $4.45 - Gallon

As with everything, prices vary from place to place. This is true with shaved ice concentrates and syrups. Currently (when this article was written) we sell our concentrates for $15.99 a quart or $39.99 a gallon. We admit we aren't the cheapest, but we are not the most expensive.

If you do your research, you can find concentrates that range from a watered-down $7.00 a gallon or a whopping $192.00 a gallon! In my opinion, $192.00 per gallon of concentrate is a complete rip off! It would take $6.00 worth of concentrate just to flavor a single gallon of simple syrup. After a few calculations, I have totaled how much it would cost to flavor the same gallon of simple syrup with our flavored concentrate at $39.99 a gallon.

Choose 1 Gallon of Concentrate
WAS: $52.00
NOW: $39.99