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Top 24 Shaved Ice & Snow Cone Flavors

Top 24 Shaved Ice & Snow Cone Flavors

It's important to know the top snow cone flavors. Popular flavors are a perfect way to get started with business because you're almost guaranteed everyone will find a flavor they know and love. Once you've got an idea what your customers are enjoying you can easily add additional flavors to give them more options. For instance, if you have a lot of customers who love banana, mix it up and maybe add coco-banana or strawberry-banana to your list of flavors.

We've gathered a list below of our top 24 flavors. Customers typically know these flavors and gravitate towards them when choosing. It's important to have a few of these flavors available at your shaved ice or snow cone business to make sure you have a flavor for every customer to enjoy. Cherry is an obvious number one flavor, however, you may be surprised at some of the top snow cone flavors.

Flavor Description Color
Cherry Rich cherry flavor. A top five seller. Dark Red
Blue Raspberry Similar to our regular raspberry, but not quite as tart. Blue
Grape Real grape flavor. Dark Purple
Tiger's Blood Fresh fruity watermelon-strawberry taste with a hint of coconut. Popular with kids as well as adults. Red
Watermelon Like a fresh watermelon, without the seeds. Red
Strawberry Like biting into a delicious, ripe strawberry. Red
Pina Colada Straight from the bartender's blender but without the alcohol. A top five flavor. Clear
Banana Tastes like a banana popsicle. Yellow
Root Beer Real root beer taste. Brown
Lemon-Lime A refreshing combination of lemon and lime flavoring, slightly tart. Green
Cotton Candy One taste of this and you will think you are at the county fair. Red
Bahama Mama A fruity pina colada flavor. Pinkish Red
Dreamsycle Tastes like an orange push-up pop. Orange
Blue Cotton Candy Vanilla base with a sweet, sugar spun cotton candy flavor. Blue
Mango Peachy-plum flavor with a hint of citrus. Yellow-Green
Bubble Gum (Pink) Bazooka flavored bubble gum. Pink
Green Apple Sweet and sour apple taste. Green
Orange True, fresh squeezed orange flavor. Orange
Bubble Gum (Blue) Flavor so real, you might try to blow a bubble. Blue
Wedding Cake Here comes the bride! Clear
Coconut Rich, well-rounded coconut flavor. Clear
Pineapple Tastes like freshly sliced pineapple. Yellow
Black Cherry Delicious, fruity, real black cherry taste. Dark Red
Peach Like eating a peach without the "fuzz". Red Orange