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Name Ideas for Shaved Ice Business

Name Ideas for Shaved Ice Business

It’s great that you decided to open a shaved ice business or snow cone stand. We know it can be difficult to decide what flavors to stock; there are just so many choices! But perhaps an even harder - and more important decision is what to name your business. There’s a lot of pressure to pick the right name, but sometimes it’s difficult to be creative under pressure.

We want shaved ice and snow cone businesses to be successful. We do everything we can to supply you with the items you need, and we thought we could also provide some ideas for how to come up with a business name.

Mash Up Names / Words - Think of words or names that have important meaning to you and/or your business. For example, maybe your Aunt Sue gave you a loan to help cover your opening costs and your friend Jackie helped build the store; you could name your store Jackie Sue’s Shaved Ice.

Try Foreign Words - Perhaps you are opening the store with your twin sibling or your kids are twins. You could call the store “Gemelos” which means “twins” in Spanish.

Be Descriptive - Sometimes having a company name that also describes your product can help customers know immediately what your business is about. For example, a shaved ice business in the south might be called, “Southern Ice Storm” or “Southern Snow.”

Make a Spelling Mistake on Purpose - Some great company names have come from intentionally misspelling words. You could try something like “Sno Business” or “Kathy’s Snow Kones.”

Some businesses spend a lot of time and money trying to come up with the perfect name. That’s great if you have the budget and time to do that. However, it’s definitely not necessary. It just takes some creativity and brainstorming to come up with a great name for your own shaved ice or snow cone business!