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What are Cubed Ice Shavers?

What are Cubed Ice Shavers?

Cube ice shavers are shaved ice machines that accept cubed ice or bagged ice which you can find at a local convenience store. Cube shavers have their advantages and excel in some areas compared to their competition, block ice shavers. Each has its pros and cons, so decide which features are going to meet your needs. Below I've outlined some key features of cube shavers and to the right, I have recommended my favorite cube ice shaver, the Hatsuyuki HC-8E.

[Infographic: Cube Shavers vs. Block Shavers]
  • Uses Easily Accessible Cubed Ice or Bagged Ice
  • Shaves Fine and Fluffy Snow
  • Easy-to-use
  • Easy for Employees to Learn How to Operate
  • Convenient to Transport
  • Uses Single Blade or a Band Blade
  • Single Blade Models Offer Blade Adjustment Knobs for Adjusting Ice Texture
  • All Models Feature Lid Safety Switches

Every cube shaver has slight differences - the motor size, aesthetics, blades, available accessories, and quality, just to name a few. A common feature between cube ice shavers is operation. Each machine is operated by simply opening the lid to the machine, adding ice cubes, closing the lid and turning the machine on. Every cube ice shaver accepts foot pedals for easy operation (with the exception of some battery powered and 220V models). Carefully read the product descriptions to see if your choice of a machine includes a foot pedal and/or other accessories.

If you have questions that I haven't answered here, feel free to give me (Kevin) a call anytime at 1-800-742-8334. I'll be glad to help you out during the decision-making process.