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How to Clean your Shaved Ice Machine

How to Clean your Shaved Ice Machine

Making shaved ice with your machine is lots of fun, but the same cannot be said about the cleanup afterward! Our customers often ask us whatís the best way to clean a commercial shaved ice machine, especially when it has seen a lot of use. If youíre running a shaved ice business, cleanliness is absolutely essential to your success.

We understand that you may be short on time, so itís a very simple process that only requires a few items. With this handy guide, your machine will be back to its former glory in no time!

First, there are some Dos and Doníts to keep in mind when cleaning your machine:

  • DONíT immerse your machine.
  • DONíT use soap.
  • DO use care and caution when cleaning near the blade and the dispensing chute.
  • DO unplug the machine before maintenance.

Now, grab your shaved ice machine and follow the directions listed below to start seeing some sparkling results!

How often should you clean your shaved ice machine? We recommend every 1-4 weeks depending on how frequently you use it.

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