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Manual Shaved Ice Machines

      If you want to provide your customers with sweet, perfectly blended shaved ice without a large overhead cost, a manual shaved ice machine may be your best option. These heavy-duty hand crank machines include strong blades and durable construction just like their electronic counterparts and they provide the very same light, fluffy snow without the use of electricity. Shop 1-800-Shaved-Ice's entire selection of hand ice shaving machines for truly unbeatable prices.

      1-800-Shaved-Ice carries brand name manual shaved ice machines from top names like Hatsuyuki and Swan for prices that are much lower than competition. Each one features table mount capabilities, a large, sturdy hand crank and a unique antique appearance that you just don't find from other models. A cast iron frame also ensures that these machines last for years to come.

      Contact 1-800-Shaved-Ice's helpful customer service representatives to choose the manual shaved ice machine that's right for you. Our staff is available either by phone or online to answer any of your snow cone or shaved ice questions.