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Bottle Racks for Shaved Ice Syrup

Our selection of speed bottle racks includes those that will hold seven, 10 and 13 1-quart bottles of flavoring. If you need more space, you’ll love our double speed bottle racks; they can hold 14, 20 or 26 quarts at once. These types of speed bottle racks are perfect for a behind-the-bar setting, where customers won’t necessarily see them (although they are attractive enough to be on public display). When you’re really looking to make a statement with style, you need 1-800-Shaved-Ice’s V-shaped 12-quart shaved ice bottle rack. We also have rounded 24-quart and home-plate 24-quart shaved ice bottle racks, so you can serve your customers with real pizazz.

Having a speed bottle rack makes things so much easier for the people on the front lines. It’s easy to set up a system and learn it — just like bartenders do — so reaching for a particular flavor is almost automatic. Your customers will be in awe at how little time they spend waiting between the time they place their order and the time they’re enjoying their shaved ice or snow cone, and you’ll be in awe about how much of an impact it could have on your profits. Whether you need bottle racks for a snow cone trailer or you need large, double speed bottle racks as a permanent fixture in your shop, 1-800-Shaved-Ice has you covered.