Slush Syrup

      If you want to expand your snow cone stand to start carrying other products, you’ve come to the right place. Slushes and granitas are icy treats that are just as sweet as a snow cone, but they have a thinner texture that you can drink with a straw. 1-800-Shaved-Ice has a wide variety of affordably priced slush syrups for sale, and they come in an assortment of sizes to best accommodate your business.

      To begin serving slushes, you’ll need the proper amount of flavored slush syrup to mix with the ice. 1-800-Shaved-Ice’s slush syrups come in flavors like banana, pina colada and black cherry, as well as different bottle sizes that enable you to tailor your purchase to the exact amount of each flavor that you need. In addition to bottle sizes, 1-800-Shaved-Ice also offers different package sizes that include one, five or ten bottles. The more bottles you purchase at a time, the more you’ll save.