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20 Questions to Ask When Selecting an Event to Attend

20 Questions to Ask When Selecting an Event to Attend

Special events can be a fantastic way to promote your shaved ice or snow cone business. As a vendor, you can attract new customers and promote your brand. However, there are costs associated with attending these events -- both time and money costs. Therefore, it is important to select events carefully. Otherwise, you may end up losing money and wasting time.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself as well as the event organizers when evaluating whether or not your business will be part of the event:

  1. When (date and time) and where is the event?
  2. Ask yourself: will the event attract potential customers for my business? Is it too far away?
  3. How early can we be there to set up?
  4. If the event is indoors, is there air conditioning?
  5. If the event is outdoors, will it be on rain or shine or is there a rain date?
  6. Is electricity available or is there a fee?
  7. How many vendors will be in attendance?
  8. Will there be any other shaved ice or snow cone vendors?
  9. What size is the event space provided?
  10. What is the cost of renting a booth space?
  11. Does the event charge an admission fee to the public?
  12. How accessible is parking -- both for vendors and the public?
  13. Will a table and chair be provided or is there a fee?
  14. How and where is this event being advertised? Social media, billboard, ads, email, etc.? (Attendance will be directly related to how well the event is promoted.)
  15. Are there any cancellation penalties or rules?
  16. How many people generally attend?
  17. What are the demographics of the attendees?
  18. How is the event set up with booth layouts? Does traffic flow well or is it crowded?
  19. Are extra spaces or double booths available?
  20. Is this a first come, first served event or is a space provided? Is there an application?

Vendor events can definitely be fun and lucrative, but you just have to plan appropriately. Asking these questions can help you select the right events to grow your shaved ice or snow cone business.

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