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Plug-In vs. Battery Operated Shaved Ice Machines

Plug-In vs. Battery Operated Shaved Ice Machines

Should I buy a battery-powered or regular plug-in shaved ice machine? Thatís the first question you should answer before you buy a shaved ice or snow cone machine.

The majority of our customers tend to purchase the typical, AC models which easily plug into standard 110V outlets. However, if you plan to operate a mobile business, you may want to consider a battery operated (DC) model. There are multiple factors to consider which I have outlined below.

Permanent locations are typically required to have electric service by local health departments. If youíre operating from a permanent location, youíll want to stick with an AC model. This will alleviate any additional costs from purchasing batteries and time charging batteries.

Battery powered shaved ice machines are popular with mobile units, however, an AC model may still be your best choice. Plug-in versions can often be powered by generators and occasionally mobile units may have access to nearby power. If youíre unsure about your power source, maybe a DC model is your best bet.

Battery powered models run by connecting a deep-cycle marine battery to the machine. A fully charged battery can easily provide hours of machine operation - usually between 2 and 4 hours of continuous operation. This means the machine is running nonstop for 2-4 hours, which probably wonít be happening. There will be some downtime between customers, breaks, etc. A backup battery is always recommended and batteries will need to be recharged using a simple battery charger found at local auto-parts stores.

Our battery powered machines do not include batteries and like I said before they can be purchased at most auto-parts stores. No specific battery brand is better than the other. I suggest purchasing a mid-priced battery Ė not the least or the most expensive.

Battery operated shaved ice machines can operate anywhere - tents, trailers, carts, stands, etc. The endless location options make battery operated machines desirable. However, you'll never run out of power with AC models unless there's a power outage!

Unfortunately, there are no machine which can operate with a standard outlet and a battery. Itís either one or the other.

Hopefully this information helps you in determining which shaved ice or snow cone machine to choose and which option will be best for your business! Both types of machines are equal when it comes to quality of the machine and quality of the end product.

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