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Snow Cone Flavor Combinations - How to Handle

Snow Cone Flavor Combinations - How to Handle

How will you handle flavor combinations? There are a couple strategies you may like to follow. Below I've pulled together a couple ways to combine flavors for extra profit and extra fun!

Extra Profit

Many customers will request two or more flavors be served on their shaved ice. We call these mixers and they're actually a great moneymaker. Allowing a customer to customize their flavor experience with you is a great selling point and a good idea to gain repeat customers. I've actually heard of businesses not allowing more than one flavor.

While it can slow down your production time, if you're charging more, it's totally worth it. Consider pricing your shaved ice for one flavor choice. Any additional flavors can be charged at an additional 25 cents each. While some businesses do not allow mixing flavors, some not only allow it but don't charge extra! The choice is all yours.

Extra Fun

Choosing a combination strategy can create a fun experience for customers. If you're less worried about profit and more interested in pleasing customers, consider your own flavor combinations! One of my favorite ideas is not only creating combinations but giving them unique names. Consider combining cherry and black cherry and call it 'Cherry Blaster'. We've had some customers simply use one flavor (Clear Blue Raspberry) and name it Olaf (from the Disney movie "Frozen"). KIDS LOVE THIS! The best part about creating your own combinations - taste testing!

The possibilities are endless. If you have suggestions for fellow shaved ice business owners, visit our Facebook page and post your ideas!