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Hiring Employees for a Shaved Ice Business

Hiring Employees for a Shaved Ice Business

Everyone (including the boss) needs time off work. Hopefully your shaved ice business location will be busy enough to hire additional employees!

As with any business, employees can greatly help or hurt your business. Choose employees who share your same dedication to the business. Honest and reliable workers can help grow your business tremendously. On the contrary, one bad employee can destroy your operation.

Many shaved ice entrepreneurs employ several high school and college students to help during the summer months. You may also consider close friends and family for help. Often, teachers look for small summer jobs to generate some extra income during their down-time with school.

Be confident when making your employee selections. We recommend enthusiastic personalities, go-getters and fast-learners. You must think that your employees will be interacting with customers. The relationships they build during the sales need to be strong enough for the customer to return. If the customer leaves your business with a bad taste in their mouth (pun intended), they are not likely to return.

Generally, counter clerks and serving assistants for shaved ice businesses earn minimum wage to $9.00 per hour. This, of course, will depend on your location. We recommend a wage based on experience and responsibilities. Sometimes, good employees are hard to find. Once you find a good employee, pay him or her accordingly.

Depending on how many employees you hire, you may be required to deduct payroll taxes from their paycheck. This will require some paperwork and recordkeeping. Monthly and quarterly reports may need to be filed. We suggest consulting with an accountant in your area to see what may be required for your business.

When the time comes and you must hire additional employees, use your best judgment. If youíre not completely comfortable, move to the next candidate. Keep in mind - if you donít accept credit cards, your employees will be handling cash on a daily basis. Trust your instincts and trust your employees.

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