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Location Ideas for Your Shaved Ice Business

Location Ideas for Your Shaved Ice Business

We've all heard it before, however, people oftentimes overlook the 3 most important rules to real estate:
  1. Location
  2. Location
  3. Location
The same rules apply when deciding where to start a business. Below we've outlined our 7 favorite ideas and encourage you to research your location thoroughly. Keep in mind that some business models allow for multiple locations by serving from a mobile unit such as a trailer or van. Great locations are not limited to permanent setups.
  1. Permanent or Mobile – High traffic areas such as parking lots of local shopping centers, supermarkets or malls are great locations to park a vending trailer or place a stand. You may also be able to operate your business inside one of these locations.
  2. Permanent – High traffic roadside locations with easy access on and off the busy streets.
  3. Mobile – Special events such as ball games, carnivals, fairs, rodeos, parades, festivals or other events which draw large crowds.
  4. Permanent – Local ball fields.
  5. Mobile – Daily mobile routes with established hours and stops at local swimming pools, business districts and neighborhoods.
  6. Mobile – Contract vending for company or family picnics, car lot promotions, grand openings and field days.
  7. Permanent or Mobile – Tourist areas.

Keep in mind that you may be able to mix and match some of these ideas to create your ideal location. Choose a roadside location near a large shopping center in a tourist area. Think about high traffic areas with the best visibility and easiest accessibility.

Now…who’s ready to sell shaved ice during the New Year’s Eve celebration at Times Square in New York City?