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Recipe for Mixing Concentrates

Recipe for Mixing Concentrates

This recipe is really simple.

You can make any quart bottle of ready-to-use syrup on your own by using our flavor concentrates. All you need are your desired concentrate flavors and preserved simple syrup (sugar water).

A lot of our customers pre-make simple syrup in large mixing containers, then when they run out of syrup they dispense from the container to a quart bottle. Mixing up ready-to-use syrup on the fly! Just add an ounce of flavored concentrate into that same quart bottle, shake well and you're back in business.

Follow the instructions below and you'll be whipping up your own ready-to-use syrup in no time.

  1. Shake all flavor concentrates well before using, this is extremely important.
  2. Add 1 ounce of concentrate to an empty quart bottle.
  3. If making a gallon of flavor, add 4 ounces of concentrate to an empty gallon jug.
  4. Fill the quart bottle or gallon jug with simple syrup. Tighten the cap and shake.
Simple Syrup Recipe Chart
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