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Simple Syrup Recipe [Sugar Water]

Simple Syrup Recipe [Sugar Water]

Simple syrup, also known as sugar water, is the base for all flavors in any snow cone or shaved ice business. Simple syrup and flavor concentrates are combined to create each bottle of ready-to-use syrup.

To make one gallon of simple syrup, simply dissolve five pounds of sugar into 2 quarts of warm or hot water (you do not need to use boiling water). Stir or shake container until all sugar is dissolved. To preserve a gallon of simple syrup, add 1 ounce of Sodium Benzoate and ounce of Citric Acid. Lower the syrup temperature to room temperature before mixing with flavor concentrates.

Mixing large quantities of simple syrup can be easily done using our mixing supplies. A paddle and a graduated container will make mixing a breeze.

To make large quantities, simply add the desired amount of warm water to the mixing container. Next, add the correct amount of sugar while stirring with the mixing paddle. Stir thoroughly to ensure all sugar is dissolved. I've created a chart with the correct measurement for large batches of simple syrup.

Sodium benzoate and citric acid, should be added to the simple syrup in order to preserve and increase the shelf life. Unpreserved simple syrup will have a shelf life of only 7 to 14 days. Adding the correct amounts of sodium benzoate and citric acid to your syrup can extend the shelf life to over six months.

To add preservatives, first add one ounce of sodium benzoate for every gallon of simple syrup in the mixing container and stir thoroughly. Next, add a ounce of Citric Acid for every gallon in the container and stir again thoroughly. It is extremely important that each preservative is added separately and mix thoroughly between each one. Adding both ingredients at the same time will cause the preservative to crystallize!

When bottling your ready-to-use syrup from concentrate remember to leave enough room in the gallon jug. The space recommended is about an inch and a half measuring from the top of the jug. This provides enough room for the simple syrup and the concentrate to mix thoroughly. This extra room in the gallon jug also allows the liquid to expand and prevent the mixture from spilling or busting in case it is dropped.

Simple Syrup Recipe Chart
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