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Best Seasons for Shaved Ice

Best Seasons for Shaved Ice

There are more seasonal businesses than you may think. Bicycle shops. Do you think they sell more bikes in May or January? Shaved Ice is no exception.

Like bicycles, Shaved Ice tends to sell better in warmer climates and seasons. Each part of the United States is different. The mild winters and warm summers make southern states from Florida to Arizona great for lengthy shaved ice seasons. In fact, some shaved ice locations remain open all year due to the climate.

In the mid and upper parts of the United States, Shaved Ice businesses tend to operate between April and October – closing in the cooler months. As with most rules, there are exceptions. After a little experience in the business, you will get a better idea on when to operate.

There are a couple things to keep in mind when deciding the length of your operating season. First, take a look at your competition. I suggest opening around the same time, if not sooner, than them. We have found after a long winter hiatus, customers are eager to celebrate the warmer season with their first shaved ice purchase. Likewise, the first 3-4 weeks of the new season tends to be the busiest! Some businesses begin the season by only opening on weekends. After a few weeks or when the warm weather strikes, they begin week-long schedules. Always stay true to your business hours, even when business is slow. Customers don’t appreciate a closed business when they expect it to be open.

If you wish to operate all year, consider adding products to your menu. Hot chocolate and warm cookies may be the perfect fit for your customers in the cooler months.

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