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6 x 12 Shaved Ice Concession Trailer
6 x 12 Shaved Ice Concession Trailer
6 x 12 Shaved Ice Concession Trailer6 x 12 Shaved Ice Concession Trailer
6 x 12 Shaved Ice Concession Trailer
6 x 12 Shaved Ice Concession Trailer
6 x 12 Shaved Ice Concession Trailer
6 x 12 Shaved Ice Concession Trailer
6 x 12 Shaved Ice Concession Trailer
6 x 12 Shaved Ice Concession Trailer
6 x 12 Shaved Ice Concession Trailer
6 x 12 Shaved Ice Concession Trailer
6 x 12 Shaved Ice Concession Trailer
6 x 12 Shaved Ice Concession Trailer
6 x 12 Shaved Ice Concession Trailer

6 x 12 Shaved Ice Concession Trailer

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This hand-built 6 foot by 12 foot shaved ice and snow cone trailer comes with all the amenities to start a mobile business. Each trailer comes with a serving window awning door, a three-compartment sink, a hand-wash sink, a 1500-watt fast recovery hot water system, air conditioning, a built-in cash drawer and everything else you need for efficient production and service. this eye-catching snow cone trailer is the cream of the crop of custom-made concession trailers.

Available in five vibrant colors, this self-contained shaved ice trailer spares no expense whatsoever. It also comes with an outside menu board light, bottle racks, fluorescent indoor lighting and a variety of other trappings that are made specifically for shaved ice and snow cone vendors.

Before ordering, we do recommend reaching out to your local health regulations department to get any required information concerning health requirements, and your local city or county zoning department for business requirements. Our trailers typically meet 99% of all regulations, however, it's your responsibility to check with said departments for clarity and the potential missing requirement requested of your local area.

Unfortunately, due to the State of California's heavily regulated rules and regulations, we typically do not sell trailers to California residents, since the trailers generally do not pass the required codes. We suggest reaching out to a local trailer manufacturer or having one custom built locally if you reside in California. You may also want to reach out to your local health department and zoning board for a list of all regulations.

Call today to check availability and to place your order. Depending on inventory and the time of year, the lead time on trailers is generally 2 to 5 weeks. In order to begin the construction, you must make a deposit of $500. The deposit can be paid with a credit card, money order etc. However, the balance of the trailer must be paid using a cashier's check. Upon completion of the trailer, you will be contacted for final payment. The trailer must be paid in full using a cashier's check before the trailer leaves the warehouse, they can be picked up or delivered within a couple of days [see Shipping information]. A Manufacturer Statement of Origin (MSO) will be issued to use to register your new trailer, in your specific state. You are responsible for all titling and sales tax applicable.



All trailers are now being wired to allow for charging while the trailer is being pulled, via the alternator of the connected vehicle.
  • Inside height: 6'4"
  • Outside height with air conditioning unit: 9'2"
  • Outside width: 8'
  • Weight of trailer (empty): 2660 lbs.
  • Single axle
  • Air conditioner, 13,500 BTU
  • Tank gauges to check all tank levels (required in some states)
  • Stabilizer jacks in the rear
  • Sliding serving windows and screens
  • Serving window awning door
  • Detachable tongue
  • Bottle packs and cup racks
  • Deep cycle 12-volt battery for interior lights, shaver and water pump
  • 3500 lb.4 inch drop easy lube Dexter axle
  • Smart battery charger built in with automatic operation
  • NSF approved aluminum countertops
  • 3 compartment sink
  • Hand wash sink
  • 2.5 gallon hot water system, 1500 watt fast recovery
  • 40 gallon waste water holding tank - made of heavy duty 1/4" thick polyethylene
  • 20 gallon fresh water tank - made of heavy duty 1/4" thick polyethylene
    • Tanks can withstand a constant operating temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, to intermittent service up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Tanks are translucent and UV stabilized
    • Drain lines are made of schedule 40 PVC or CPVC pipe
  • 15 cubic foot freezer
    • Holds around 50 blocks of ice [5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 12"] or around 400 lbs of cube ice
  • Battery lock
  • Built in cash drawer
  • Fluorescent interior lighting
  • All D.O.T lighting and safety chains, 2" ball
  • Easy to wash walls and floors
  • Deadbolt lock on the doors
  • Pin stripes/decals to enhance trailer appearance
  • Heavy-duty trailer tires
  • Outside water fill
  • Spray nozzle installed next to ice shaver
  • Easy drain waste tank
  • Clearance marker lights
Optional Add-On Accessories
  • Chasing rope lights (available in red, white, blue, green, yellow and orange) - $375.00
  • Chrome wheels - $100.00 (per axle)
  • Spare tire and rack - $120.00 (w/ cover)
  • Burglar Bars - $190.00
  • Additional window with awning door - $500.00
  • NSF 3 compartment sink - $700.00
  • 16 cubic foot, NSF approved freezer - $750.00
  • Undercoating - $65.00
  • Add 4" to the inside height - $400.00
  • 3 or 2 sink cover - $200.00
  • Drip pan for shaved ice machines - $45.00



This item may be delivered by the manufacturer or picked up by the customer in Alabama. If delivery is needed, a fee is applied. Fees are based upon current gas prices and may range from $1.25 - $1.75 per mile to the destination. Depending on availability, trailers are typically ready for pick up or delivery in 4-6 weeks. Arrangements must be made with the manufacturer for pickup and delivery.

View our shipping policy for additional details or feel free to give us a call to discuss shipping options.

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