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Portable Roadside Shaved Ice Stand

Portable Roadside Shaved Ice Stand

The most popular vending setup for a shaved ice business is a portable stand or hut. These structures are usually built on skids and generally range from 8' x 10' to 10' x 16'. You can easily modify an existing shed/storage unit or you may consider contacting a local building contractor to custom build your shaved ice stand.

These shaved ice buildings are often built with the same materials used to build a home. The walls are constructed of standard 2" x 4" studs and the siding is either wood or vinyl. With this type of stand, one end of the building has a sliding service window which allows you to serve the customer. The rear side of the building includes an access door for employees to enter.

During your season these buildings are stationary, however, you may transport the stand to a specific location just for the season, which is definitely a plus.

Roadside stands can be pretty inexpensive depending on how extravagant you build your unit. Generally, you can find a large parking lot or a vacant lot to rent a small space. Location is critical and finding a high-traffic area with visibility may be a struggle. However, if your stand is inviting and attractive you shouldn't have any problems.

Always be sure to check your local building, zoning, and health codes before proceeding with construction. You may want to visit other roadside vendors and ask where they obtained their local permits to see what's possible for your area.

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