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Ready-to-Use Shaved Ice Syrupá- Part 1

Ready-to-Use Shaved Ice Syrupá- Part 1

If you are just starting out or if you want to test the market before jumping in head first our ready-to-use syrups (RTU) are a great way to begin your shaved ice or snow cone business. Available in over 90 flavors, our ready-to-use syrups require no special mixing - we do all the work for you. Simply open the syrup bottle and dispense.

You may question why you would choose RTU syrups over mixing the concentrates yourself. I look at it like this. If you're buying a bicycle you have two options. You can purchase it assembled or in multiple parts that require assembly. Obviously, it's much easier to buy the bicycle already assembled. The problem is, you'll pay slightly more because of the assembly fee.

The same situation applies to syrups. RTU syrups are great for an "already assembled" product. The flavors are made with the highest quality ingredients and bottled in our state-of-the-art sanitary facility. For maintaining a long shelf-life, our syrups are made with corn syrup, as opposed to pure cane sugar. Each bottle has a guaranteed 1-year shelf-life.

As I mentioned previously, buying RTU syrups is a great way to test your market. Buy a few of those questionable flavors and see how they sell in your area. Once you've established a good understanding of flavor-popularity, you may choose to begin buying concentrates and mixing your own syrup.

The choice is yours. Knowing the high-profit margins, I honestly would prefer to spend a little more money on ready-to-use syrups. I'd rather not deal with the hassle of mixing concentrates and have my syrups arrive pre-made. I don't call it laziness, I call it, "easing some stress".

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